July 4th and PRIDE Sale

July 4th is approaching! And we have the perfect panties just for you! 3 tone satin, or 3 tone foil plus other seasonal goodies! Remember you an always find the latest listings in order under Featured Deal and clicking on the New Stock tab. Plus with the spring sale still running, and our HUGE Giveaway now is the best time to buy!

Coupon Code: SPRINGSALE2023 for 10% off at checkout!

July 4th items: We have some fun items listed just in time for July 4th. Check our Stars and Stripes section and keep following for new ads!

Also its PRIDE MONTH! Do we have rainbow Goodness?? Um Yea of course we do! Check out our Rainbow Section! More Items will be added shortly!


Auctions are BACK! We will be launching some sample items and dead stocks in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes on the LIVE AUCTIONS page! Some of these goodies are NOT coming back and some were only made as a one off. This is a chance to own samples that never made it into production!



Giveaway Grand Prize Preview

Many of you have been asking to see the Grand Prize in the Summer Giveaway! Well here she is! Remember you have until the end of summer to collect them ALL! What a time to buy!

What’s happening next?

Thanks to popular demand we will now offer the men’s full cut option as a selection for custom stamps in WHITE. Keep and eye on that change. A new waterproof item will be available shortly for those who like the plastic cuts and of course we have a few new cuties up our sleeve so stay tuned!



Spring Sale and Giveaway!

Many people have been asking about promotions so we decided to run a store wide coupon! Add SPRINGSALE2023 at checkout for an additional 10% off all products!


are you getting your freebies? Freebies are running through the whole summer and some people already have them all! Don’t miss while supplies last! we have goodies for Men and Women! And no you cant buy them otherwise sorry!

New Stock!

We have a bunch of new goodies in also! check out our newest items. You know we are always adding!


And last but NOT least do not forget to follow us on Social Media. We are on all social platforms and appreciate your support! See sneak peaks, our pretty models and enjoy seeing our products on other customers!




Happy first day of spring! For all of my customers who follow, you now know we have been doing seasonal giveaways!

With Spring being my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year, its time to do it again! Behold the jackpot of all the fun things we will be sending out! But there are RULES so play nice and read them all below!

RULES: Freebies will be sent to buyers exceeding a specified amount PER transaction as follows: You MUST specify your selection in the NOTES!

Spend $100 – Receive a Men’s OR women’s Purple panty – You may select Women’s Duchess cut size 5-9 or Men’s Poison cut S – XXL ONLY (specify in the NOTES)

Spend $200 – Receive the above + Adjustable Purple Thong (men’s or women’s) OR Tie on Bra (specify in the NOTES)

Spend $300 – Receive all of the above + matching lacy Skirt OR Ruffled Men’s panties size S – XXL (specify in the notes)

Spend $400 – Receive the matching Cami and pouch thong!

Spend $500 – Collect whatever you missed because you had to choose or go again!

Timeframe: You do NOT have to make the whole transaction at a time. You can spend $100 to get the first tier, they come back and get the next. HOWEVER to tier up you must spend in increments of $100 after the first prize is collected.

For example if you spend $125 on the first transaction to collect the first prize, you would have to spend $100 to collect the next tier in another transaction.

You have ALL SUMMER to collect them all.

Limits: There are NO LIMITS after you have collected one of each. You can go again while supplies last.

Substitutions: No tier can be substituted until one of each tier is collected. These items can NOT be purchased otherwise. This is the collect them all game! After the game is over any leftovers may be auctioned off or saved for another prize.

GRAND PRIZE: For my customers who manage to spend $1000 before the end of the summer will receive the matching extra ruffled night gown, similar to my valentines video! A sample till be shown soon.

Participation: While in the past I did still choose an item for those who did not specify, I will not do so this time. If you do NOT make a choice, we will consider that you are NOT interested in participation. If you forgot please feel free to message us on the contact form. We want you to COLLECT THEM ALL!


Welcome Spring!

For some of you it still feels like the depth of winter but over here the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and we are busy deep in Easter Bunnies, Clovers, Polka Dots and Florals!

Goodbye Valentine: This is the LAST weekend to purchase Valentines Day items! Anything left will be removed till next season so if you have been eyeballing a pair of heart panties now is the time!

What’s coming up? If you follow me on Twitter you can see some sneak peaks of upcoming products. If you dont, your missing out. New items include some Shamrocks, Bunnies, Sparkles and Seasonal Greens.

Collecting Points! Some of you have been doing AMAZING collecting points! If you are still having trouble checking out with your points don’t forget we have a video for your convenience.

As always thank you for your support of our shop! Don’t forget we hand make all of our items here in Virginia! Thank you for supporting small business!


Valentine’s Day Collection

Christmas passed with a bang! Thank you all who who purchased from our Christmas collection. We appreciate each and every one of you!

As we remove the Christmas items off the site, we replace them with NEW Valentines Day limited edition items! We have some great new additions for men and women in our Poison and Duchess cuts! They will also be removed after Valentines day passes.

We have also recently added new items to the CLASSY CUT collection. For more details about the difference and sizing of each cut, remember to visit the sizing page of our website.

NOW for the good stuff! Everybody loves a good giveaway and we gave away a whole bunch of freebies for Christmas! So lets do it again. Remember these are limited items, so we cant guarantee the availability of each. They are available in sizes 7-9 in Women’s Duchess cut, OR in S-XL in Anias Poison Cut. There is an alternative print available for XXL if thats the size you need.

Terms of GIVEAWAY: Spend $100 (not including Shipping and Handling) of more in one purchase and receive ONE free pair of panties, please add a note in checkout which size you want. If you spend $200+ you will receive a matching Boop halter bra also! Spend over $300 and we will add a special fun surprise! shhhhh….

And one last thing: If you have any confusion about how to cash out on your REWARDS please watch the quick video here for for an easy breakdown!

This offer is good until February 15.

Happy LOVERS DAY and let the fun begin!

Love Ania


First and foremost, we start our Christmas countdown with a BANG! We are continuing to give away a free pair of reindeer panties for all purchases over $100! IF you have already received the reindeer pair, ask for a substitute and we will send you an UNLISTED mystery Christmas print! (only for those who have already claimed the first)

SECOND! Did you see the Rewards program?!!!? You now get PANTY POINTS on each and every purchase. 5 Points for every $100 spent + 5 points for every new referral who spends $50 in their first purchase. There are birthday rewards also!

1 point = $1 so get your code and start sharing! More details here

Third! We are running a CONTEST!!! Every purchase will enter you for a chance to win. $1= one entry! Grand prize will be selected on CHRISTMAS! $50 gift code good on anything in store! Get Shopping!

As Always thank you for your referrals and support!

A Happy Holiday to YOU and YOURS!


UPDATE POST BLACK FRIDAY: Did you miss the sale? That’s ok! We will continue the giveaway until we run out! So get your free product now on purchases over $100!!!

Yes, it’s black Friday and we are not party poopers! From this moment until Midnight of CYBER MONDAY (11/28/22) all products will be 10% off the entire store with the code CYBER2022


All purchases over $100 will receive a FREE pair of panties in our exclusive limited Reindeer Print just in time for Christmas! That’s a $20 pair Free. Available in Poison Men’s cut OR Ladies Duchess cut!

Read on!

How do you get it?

  • Spend $100 Between Now and Midnight on Monday!
  • Add CYBER2022 to the coupon code window at checkout
  • In the checkout notes specify WHICH SIZE S-XXL in Ania’s poison cut you would like OR
  • Which size 5-9 in Lace Duchess Women’s cut you would like as your gift! Yes BOTH are available as your free gift!
  • For customers spending more we might throw in some thing even more! There has never been a better time to shop!


Tis the Season!

Its almost Christmas time and things are really heating up here! Did you see our new collection? Its huge! With items for men and women!

BUT FIRST! Lets talk about Dos and Donts of customizations.

Please do NOT order an item and add a note that you would like a size that’s not available, or a cut that’s not available. We can not accommodate those requests. In some cases your order will be shipped as ordered if our shipping department doesn’t notice the request. Or your whole order could be cancelled.

DO feel free to request a scrunch added to any panty free of charge. It might delay your order but we do not mind doing it. DO feel free to request a crotch stitch if your squeezing into women’s panties. It helps keep the seam integrity for longer. Do request Large bow substitutes for only $1.


This year we have the biggest collection yet! Candy Canes and Dinosaurs, Princess, Gifts, and so much more!

And for MEN! OH MY OH MY! We truly have it all!

Countess Cut and our Poison cuts galore! (please see the sizing video again if you are lost here)

Plus thongs and ruffles, PLUS so much more!

Now as always, dont forget to follow Ania on social media!

  1. Twitter – Anias Poison 
  2. Instagram Anias_Poison
  3. Ticktock Anias_Poison

Love Always,


These new beauties won’t be here long!

Did you get them yet?? Because if you haven’t, you don’t have much time left! 

Of course we are talking about our glorious pink stretchy Dolly panties in our unisex cut! Nothing like stretchy satin to hold it all together. 

You can have them printed or just plain but remember flash sales don’t last long.