The last 3 pair I just received, I would swear you snuck in and measured me in the middle of the night for a tailor made fit! Just blows my mind!!
Jan 30, 2019

Thanks. ..you guys do a great job with your products, and speedy shipping.I’m telling my buddies at work about you guys ,and the quality products yousell,so they can purchase gifts for Valentines Day for their wives.
Jan 21, 2019

I have to say that of all the various “brands” I’ve tried, I love yours THE BEST! Your materials are first rate, your workmanship and quality are exceptional, and they are actually comfortable enough for daily wear (and you still feel SOOO sexy!) Thank you Ania!
Jan 19, 2019

Just wanted to say that the items I have ordered so far are fantasti
Jan 18, 2019

Anna, I got new panties in today and you done an beautiful job on them. Thank you
Jan 5, 2019

Great thank you so much. I have been checking out more of your products and I will be a returning customer
Dec 13, 2018

hi. thank you. they are so beautiful. 5 stars. thank you
Dec 4, 2018

Dear Anna, 

Thank you so much for your excellent service in getting the panties I ordered to me so quickly. My wife and I can’t wait for me to wear them. They look and feel terrific (this is the third pair of spandex sissy panties I have bought from you). You are terrific and once again I want to thank your for your acceptance of me. It is truly appreciated
Aug 23, 2018