Loyalty Rewards

What is Loyalty Rewards Program?
Once you join, you can collect points on every purchase and cash them out at some point on your next purchase.

Earn 5 points for every $100 spent (does not include shipping)
Earn 3 bonus points when you initially sign up to the loyalty rewards program.
Points can be accumulated by making one or more purchases.
The minimum amount of points you can redeem is 5.
 Points do not expire.

How do I register?
Please click here.

Where Can I see the total number of points?
On any store page there is a widget providing information regarding the rewards program and the amount of points you have earned.

How do I redeem my point?
You can redeem your points before making a purchase by clicking on the Claim tab of the widget.
Next select the reward of your choice and click redeem.
A coupon code will be provided to enter at checkout.

How can I review points I have redeemed?
To view your points history click the three lines in the left corner of the widget and click on “Points History”.

Refer a Friend
From the Referral tab, you will see your custom referral URL. Copy and share this URL to give your friends 10% off their first purchase at Ania’s Poison (they have to spend a minimum of $50).

Your URL is custom and unique to your account, so share as many times as you like!
You will earn 5 bonus points when they make a purchase.
Offer is valid for every new customer you send (unlimited) and on their first purchase only.