Its the time for LOVEEEEE and we have worked extra hard to bring you everything you need to get in the mood! Hearts and kisses are an absolute must, along with some play time additions! If you don’t have a valentine THATS OK! You deserve to tread yourself with Ania’s Goodies! To top if all off everything Valentine is 10% OFF. This will likely be our last seasonal sale so ENJOY!

Try the new mini floggers to add a little sensation to your valentines day! What about a Collar with your loved ones name?

MARDI GRAS! We have added a wonderful limited edition item in honor of Madre Gras! Its combined with our valentines day collection and is a very limited run. There was only one small roll of this fabric but boy is it a beauty!

What’s next? Well as you know we are always adding more wonderful silky Satin Panties and Satin Lingerie to our collection! After the holidays we will pause on so many new releases and begin running the raffles! Stay Tuned!