These new beauties won’t be here long!

Did you get them yet?? Because if you haven’t, you don’t have much time left! 

Of course we are talking about our glorious pink stretchy Dolly panties in our unisex cut! Nothing like stretchy satin to hold it all together. 

You can have them printed or just plain but remember flash sales don’t last long. 

We also have our lovely custom designed humiliation sissy panties with big fat pink bows running for 2 weeks. You will LOVE these if you want to show off what a sissy you really are!

Wanna see what else is up! LADIES DUCHESS CUT PANTIES!! Wooohooooo!!!!

Size 7 ONLY and super limited edition only through the end of the week….

Going forward we are beginning production on the holiday season so flash sale items will be limited. But please stay tuned as Halloween will be SOOO AMAZING this year! 

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