Tis the Season!

Its almost Christmas time and things are really heating up here! Did you see our new collection? Its huge! With items for men and women!

BUT FIRST! Lets talk about Dos and Donts of customizations.

Please do NOT order an item and add a note that you would like a size that’s not available, or a cut that’s not available. We can not accommodate those requests. In some cases your order will be shipped as ordered if our shipping department doesn’t notice the request. Or your whole order could be cancelled.

DO feel free to request a scrunch added to any panty free of charge. It might delay your order but we do not mind doing it. DO feel free to request a crotch stitch if your squeezing into women’s panties. It helps keep the seam integrity for longer. Do request Large bow substitutes for only $1.


This year we have the biggest collection yet! Candy Canes and Dinosaurs, Princess, Gifts, and so much more!

And for MEN! OH MY OH MY! We truly have it all!

Countess Cut and our Poison cuts galore! (please see the sizing video again if you are lost here)

Plus thongs and ruffles, PLUS so much more!

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Love Always,