Welcome Spring!

For some of you it still feels like the depth of winter but over here the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and we are busy deep in Easter Bunnies, Clovers, Polka Dots and Florals!

Goodbye Valentine: This is the LAST weekend to purchase Valentines Day items! Anything left will be removed till next season so if you have been eyeballing a pair of heart panties now is the time!

What’s coming up? If you follow me on Twitter you can see some sneak peaks of upcoming products. If you dont, your missing out. New items include some Shamrocks, Bunnies, Sparkles and Seasonal Greens.

Collecting Points! Some of you have been doing AMAZING collecting points! If you are still having trouble checking out with your points don’t forget we have a video for your convenience.

As always thank you for your support of our shop! Don’t forget we hand make all of our items here in Virginia! Thank you for supporting small business!