Happy first day of spring! For all of my customers who follow, you now know we have been doing seasonal giveaways!

With Spring being my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year, its time to do it again! Behold the jackpot of all the fun things we will be sending out! But there are RULES so play nice and read them all below!

RULES: Freebies will be sent to buyers exceeding a specified amount PER transaction as follows: You MUST specify your selection in the NOTES!

Spend $100 – Receive a Men’s OR women’s Purple panty – You may select Women’s Duchess cut size 5-9 or Men’s Poison cut S – XXL ONLY (specify in the NOTES)

Spend $200 – Receive the above + Adjustable Purple Thong (men’s or women’s) OR Tie on Bra (specify in the NOTES)

Spend $300 – Receive all of the above + matching lacy Skirt OR Ruffled Men’s panties size S – XXL (specify in the notes)

Spend $400 – Receive the matching Cami and pouch thong

Spend $500 – Get the unisex Ruffle Garter!

Spend $600 – Collect whatever you missed because you had to choose or go again!

Timeframe: You do NOT have to make the whole transaction at a time. You can spend $100 to get the first tier, they come back and get the next. HOWEVER to tier up you must spend in increments of $100 after the first prize is collected.

For example if you spend $125 on the first transaction to collect the first prize, you would have to spend $100 to collect the next tier in another transaction.

You have ALL SUMMER to collect them all.

Limits: There are NO LIMITS after you have collected one of each. You can go again while supplies last.

Substitutions: No tier can be substituted until one of each tier is collected. These items can NOT be purchased otherwise. This is the collect them all game! After the game is over any leftovers may be auctioned off or saved for another prize.

GRAND PRIZE: For my customers who manage to spend $1000 before the end of the summer will receive the matching extra ruffled night gown, similar to my valentines video! A sample till be shown soon.

Participation: While in the past I did still choose an item for those who did not specify, I will not do so this time. If you do NOT make a choice, we will consider that you are NOT interested in participation. If you forgot please feel free to message us on the contact form. We want you to COLLECT THEM ALL!